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Managing Director


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Technical Director


Marie-Eve Poitras has been a Unigym Gatineau employee since 2011. She holds a Competition 2 diploma, demonstrating her level of proficiency in gymnastics.

Parallel to her work at Unigym, she pursued studies in social work. Before becoming a coach, Marie-Eve was a school athlete, which helped her develop her passion for gymnastics.

She appreciates the sport for its benefits in terms of physical development and self-improvement. She firmly believes that sport can help young people build a solid foundation for future challenges. Outside of work and gymnastics,

Marie-Eve enjoys running, snowboarding and outdoor activities. She also enjoys spending time with her family, being a proud mother of three.




Director of Operations and Communications


Marie-France St-Jean began her gymnastics career as an athlete with Club Gymnik from 1998 to 2010. She has been with Unigym since 2011. She progressed in gymnastics through various roles, starting as an instructor, then becoming a coach and then Head Coach at Club Gymnik.

She then continued her career at Unigym as Area Manager of Masson-Angers from 2011 to 2021, and is currently Director of Operations and Communications. She has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Association Régionale de Gymnastique de l'Outaouais since 2008. For 10 years, from 2006 to 2016, she was a judge in WAG (Women's Artistic Gymnastics).

Marie-France is an organized and logical person, constantly motivated to surpass herself. Her main aim is to enable children to blossom and develop as individuals through the practice of gymnastics. 

Outside work, Marie-France is passionate about fishing and hunting. She also enjoys snowmobiling and snowboarding. She considers herself a person who enjoys being outdoors. Marie-France is also the mother of three wonderful teenagers.

Management Team




Area Manager, Aylmer


Myriane Thériault has been an experienced coach for over 21 years, with Unigym Gatineau since 2011. She has acquired extensive experience as a coach in the Recreational, Regional and Provincial categories. She also holds her Competition 2 diploma, testifying to her expertise in the field of gymnastics.

In parallel with her coaching career, Myriane has pursued studies in massage therapy, orthotherapy and as a yoga instructor. She has developed a wealth of knowledge that complements her gymnastics training.

What she loves most of all is sharing her passion for gymnastics with her athletes. She is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals and thrive in this demanding sport.

In addition to her work in gymnastics, Myriane is a proud mother of two. Her family life is a source of happiness and balance in her life.

Marie-Pier Caron

Area Manager, Aylmer





Area Manager, Hull


Ganaëlle Brunet has been a coach at Unigym Gatineau since 2015. She specializes in coaching the Challenge and Regional categories. She holds her Competition 1 diploma, which attests to her expertise in the field of gymnastics.

In addition to her coaching role, Ganaëlle is a final-year student in the Bachelor of Psychology program. This training enables her to bring a unique perspective to her work with gymnasts. She understands the importance of mental as well as physical development in the practice of gymnastics.

Alongside her career as a coach and psychology student, Ganaëlle is also a substitute educator in day-care centers. Her experience in early childhood education enriches her approach as a coach.

Having practiced recreational gymnastics for 10 years, Ganaëlle appreciates the fact that this sport pushes everyone to surpass themselves, both mentally and physically. She is passionate about the personal development and self-improvement that gymnastics can offer.




Area Manager, Hull


Audrey Morin has been a member of the Unigym team since March 2023. Although not yet certified, she has passed levels 1, 2 and 3. Before joining Unigym, Audrey was a member of the Gymnigan gymnastics club in Shawinigan. She has been involved in the world of gymnastics since the age of 3, being a P4 gymnast and having served as head coach for over 10 years at her former club.

Audrey also has experience as a special educator and early childhood educator. She ended her career in government, working for the Department of National Defense. She worked for over 10 years in day camps, where she was in charge and coordinator for 2 years.

As a coach, Audrey delights in the successes and progress of her gymnasts, and seeks to establish personal bonds with each of them, fostering a helping relationship based on trust. She also has experience as an area leader, supporting her team, bringing in new ideas, taking initiative and offering support to other coaches.

Outside of gymnastics, Audrey enjoys organizing her work environments or her home. She enjoys creating posters and digital content, as well as anything to do with stationery.




Area Manager, Masson-Angers


Alexandre Remy has been an experienced coach at Unigym Gatineau since 2014. He specializes in coaching WAG, MAG and STR categories at regional and provincial levels. Alexandre holds his Competition 1 diploma in all three disciplines (WAG, MAG and STR) and his Competition 2 diploma in WAG.

His main motivation is to help athletes surpass themselves by starting from where they are and accompanying them in their progress, while ensuring that they have fun in their practice.

Before devoting himself to gymnastics, Alexandre was a cheerleader for 6 years. He even took part in the Canadian Cheerleading Championships. He has also played basketball and soccer, giving him considerable sporting versatility.

Alexandre likes to play music during his training sessions, adding a dynamic and motivating atmosphere. He's also known for his unusual workout stations, bringing creativity and originality to his sessions.




Area Manager, Gatineau


Léonie Gauthier, employed at Unigym since 2011, has a varied background in gymnastics. Having practiced recreational, day camp, competitive and sport-study, her career has gradually turned towards humanistic coaching after completing P3P training.

As Area Manager, Léonie has the opportunity to pass on her inspiring vision to the next generation of coaches. Her role is not limited to teaching gymnastics, but also aims to train the adults of tomorrow.

Outside of work, Léonie likes to recharge her batteries by indulging her passion for flowers, camping and enjoying precious moments with her children. These activities give her the energy she needs to guide her gymnasts to success.




Head Coach


Amanda Tambakopoulos has been a competitive trainer for over 20 years. She joined Unigym Gatineau in September 2022, having been a member from 2010 to 2017. Certified Competition 3, she is responsible for foundation training within the club. In 2011, she was a founding member and general manager of Club Unigym Gatineau.

From 2017 to 2022, Amanda held the position of Women's Program Manager at Gymnastics Canada. During this time, she was fortunate to participate in numerous competitions with the Canadian team, including the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

Passionate about sport and gymnastics, she considers it a privilege to be able to pass on her passion to others through training and education, sharing her experiences to support them on their journey.

Amanda is also a proud mother of three. She loves to travel and finds great pleasure in activities such as running, cycling, kayaking and skiing/snowboarding.