Direction team

Jacynthe Harper
General Manager


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Marie-Ève Poitras
Technical Director


  • Employee at Unigym Gatineau since 2011
  • Has her Competition 2
  • Studied in social work
  • Former school athlete
  • Likes gymnastics for physical development and to surpass oneself
  • Believes that sport can help young people build a good foundation for future challenges
  • Enjoys running, snowboarding and the outdoors
  • Mother of 3 children

Marie-France St-Jean
Director of Operations and Communication


  • Coach for 13 years at Gymnik, with Unigym Gatineau since 2011
  • Has been a monitor, a coach and Head Coach at Gymnik. Head of sector at Unigym Gatineau, Masson-Angers sector, before becoming Director of Operations and Communications
  • Certified Competition 1 WAG and trained Competition 2 WAG
  • Studied in Human Sciences
  • Regional athlete for 7 years
  • Has been a Regional Judge and is the Secretary for the Outaouais Regional Gymnastics Association since over 10 years
  • Mother of 3 grown teenagers

Management team

Myriane Thériault
Head of sector, Aylmer

  • Coach for 21 years, with Unigym Gatineau since 2011
  • Recreational, Regional and Provincial Coach
  • Has her Competition 2
  • Studied in massotherapy, orthotherapy and as a yoga teacher
  • Athlete for 7 years, medallist at the Eastern Canadian Championships 
  • Judges at competitions and volunteers
  • Loves to share her passion for gymnastics with her athletes
  • Mother of 2 children

Maude Laflamme
Head of sector, Aylmer

  • Employee with Unigym Gatineau since 2011, coach since 2013
  • Défi and Regional coach
  • Certified Competition 1, trained Parasco, Early Childhood and Trampoline (1 and 2)
  • Graduated in Childhhod Education Technique, currently in her 3rd year in Preschool and Elementary Education
  • Also a substitute teacher in schools
  • Former Provincial gymnast
  • Enjoys the wonder of gymnasts facing new movements, among other things

Ganaëlle Brunet
Head of sector, Hull

  • Coach with Unigym Gatineau since 2015
  • Défi and Regional Coach
  • Has her Competition 1 
  • Last year student in a bachelor degree in psychology
  • Also a subtitute educator in daycare
  • Recreational gymnast for 10 years
  • Likes that gymnastics pushes us to surpass ourselves, both mentally and physically

Alexandre Rémy
Head of sector, Masson-Angers

  • Coach with Unigym Gatineau since 2014
  • WAG-MAG-STR Rgional and Provincial Coach
  • Has his Competition 1 (WAG-MAG-STR) and Competition 2 (WAG)
  • 4th year student of a bachelor's degree in Preschool and Elementary Education
  • Also a subsitute teacher in schools
  • Cheerleader for 6 years who went to the Canadian Cheerleading Championships, in addition to basketball and football
  • Enjoys having music when he coaches
  • Known for having unusual stations!

Carolanne Morin Bruneau
Head of sector, Masson-Angers

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  • Coach with Unigym Gatineau since 2000
  • WAG Coach
  • Has her Competition 2
  • Also Administrative Director of a medical clinic
  • Judge and volunteer for many years
  • Enjoys all aspects of gymnastics
  • Takes human development to heart as much as gymnastics

Coaching Team

Dave Fallon
Head Coach

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